1st Warnbro Sound Scout Group: Rovers

Who is a Rover? A Rover is someone aged between 18 and 26 years old, dedicated to having fun and adventure whilst serving the community at large in the Scouting Way

Rovers are the oldest Youth Section in the Scouting Movement. By taking part in the many opportunities available to you as a Rover you will experience fun, fellowship and personal growth.

Rovers meet as a Crew and participate in a variety of activities. These activities offer you the opportunity to mix socially, push yourself physically, challenge yourself mentally and develop spiritually. Each Crew is different and chooses the activities that suit its members the most.

Currently the 1st Warnbro Sound Scout Group does not have any Rovers, but if you and your friends are interested in forming the 1st Warnbro Sound Scout Rover Crew then please email the Group Leader.

The Rover Uniform consists of the dark blue shirt with the section colour, which is Red, across the sleeve, yoke and collar. The other components of the uniform are a blue belt, a scarf and woggle.
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Rover Uniform Badge placement
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