What will I do as a Joey Scout

Joey Scouts have fun!
You are clever and helpful
Joey Scouts listen carefully
to their leaders so they can do
lots of things at they're meetings

You will play lots of games,
make things listen to stories,
learn about each other and
sometimes go on outings or hikes

Joey Scouts share things in our Joey Scout
cupboard like textas,scissors, glue, balls,
beanbags and lots of other things.
Joey Scouts stand or sit quietly at the
beginning or ending of each meeting. Joey
Scouts meet for one hour each week

Who are Joey Scout Leaders

Joey Scout leaders are grown-ups who
rou your Mob Meetings. They use names
of Australian Bush animals or
Aboriginal names
Our Joey Scout Leaders are:

They spend time planning games
and thinking up exciting things
for you to do at Mob Meetings

When Joey Scouts and Leaders all
meet together they are called a
MOB. Leaders are always impressed
with joey Scouts who listen carefully

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